#secondarykeyword# a lot of the tricks used with other engines don't work with Inktomi. Try to sprinkle your keywords and synomyms throughout your body text. #keyword# don't overdo it. I suggest you write a piece of body copy that illustrates your product or service and put it in here in paragraph format that makes sense. Gently sprinkle related synonyms of your keywords throughout. This will definitely get you the best ranking not only with Inktomi engines, but with most other search engines as well.


#keyword# You can submit around 50 pages a day to Inktomi engines without being penalized. There may be penalties for repeating keywords too many times in your title so don't spam with it. Make it readable. Don't repeat too often in the body text. Try to have other sites linking to your cloaked pages. Also make the cloaked pages link to each other. Remember that KloakIt does this automatically.